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Membership FAQ's
Monthly Meetings & Support Group
Meetings for the Lake County Mothers of Twins Club are held once a month starting at 7:30 PM.  We have a wide variety of programs that differ each month which include informative speakers, demonstrations and panel discussions. Other months consist of our annual Pamper Night, Vendor Night and Craft Night & Cookie Exchange. 
A support group, beginning at 6:30 PM, precedes most meetings. This group offers an opportunity to advise and help one another on the care and development of multiples.
Need Guidance?
If you have a particular situation, we can put you in touch with another member who has been through the same experience.  You can even post questions, concerns or requests for advice on our online community, Big Tent.  Nobody understands more than someone who has been there!
Get Up and Get Out 
A great way to meet other MOMs is to attend a playdate.  You can have an adult conversation while your kids get to meet other multiples their own age.  We also offer several family events like the Fall Outing, Summer Picnic and Holiday Party annually.
Looking for some MOM fun?
Great!  We also plan several MOM's night outs, couples events and MOM's breakfasts throughout the year.  We not only share a common experience of parenting multiples, but form lasting friendships.
How about a little extra cash?
Looking for a way to get rid of those items your children outgrew so fast?  You can earn extra money by participating in the semi-annual children's clothing and equipment Resale held in the Spring and Fall.  It’s a perfect opportunity to dispose of and acquire usable clothing, equipment and furnishings.
Are you pregnant now?
This is a great time to attend meetings.  You can gain valuable information on pregnancy, delivery and raising your multiples.  Our members’ personal experiences are the best insight!
Contact us for additional information about membership or how to join!
The Lake County Mothers of Twins Club
meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month at
Grayslake Middle School
440 Barron Boulevard
Grayslake, Illinois 60030
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